Book List
Data Structures P. Revathy, S.Poonkuzhali 210.00 3rd Buy online
Analog & Digital Communication G.Karpaga Rajesh 140.00 3rd Buy online
Data Structures & Algorithms P.Revathy, S.Poonkuzhali 240.00 3rd Buy online
Digital Priniciple and System Design P.S.Manoharan 240.00 3rd Buy online
Computer Organisation and Architecture R. Shankar, D. Venkatavara Prasad, V. Deepalakshmi, V. Balasubramanian 240.00 4th Buy online
Database Management Systems R. Shankar 200.00 4th Buy online
Design & Analysis of Algorithms R. Manjula Devi 180.00 4th Buy online
Microprocessors and Microcontrollers P.S. Manoharan 240.00 4th Buy online
Operating Systems R. Manjula Devi 180.00 4th Buy online
Software Engineering & Quality Assurance R.Shankar 180.00 4th Buy online
Theory Of Computation M.Selvi 160.00 5th & 7th Buy online
System Software (New) R. Manjula Devi 180.00 5th Buy online
Programming Paradigms R. Manjula Devi 240.00 5th Buy online
Software Engineering R.Shankar 180.00 5th Buy online
Java Programming R. Manjula Devi 240.00 5th Buy online
Computer Network S. Uma Maheswari 160.00 5th Buy online
Object Oriented Analysis and Design N. Kanjana Devi 180.00 6th Buy online
Advanced Computer Architecture R.Manjula Devi 225.00 6th Buy online
Principles Of Compiler Design P.Kalaiselvi 180.00 6th & 8th Buy online
Web Technology (Elective) R. Manjula Devi, S. Devipriya 225.00 6th Buy online
Artificial Intelligence Sudha Sridhar 180.00 6th & 7th Buy online
Cryptography and Network Security(Elective) B.S.Charulatha 210.00 6th & 7th Buy online
Embedded Systems (Elective) S.Uma Maheswari 160.00 6th Buy online
Datawarehousing and Datamining B.S.Charulatha, S.Poonkuzhali, C.Saravana Kumar 225.00 6th Buy online
Network Programming and Management A.R Kavitha and Anju Thomas 200.00 6th & 7th Buy online
User Interface Design (Elective) M. Priya & C. Vanmathy 160.00 6th & 7th Buy online
Service Oriented Architecture R. Manjula Devi 125.00 7th Buy online
C# and .NET framework (Elective) R. Manjula Devi 225.00 7th Buy online
Mobile Communication B.S Charulatha 210.00 7th Buy online
Computer Garphics S. Mehala Mathivanan 180.00 7th Buy online
Mobile and Pervasive Computing B.S.Charulatha 180.00 7th Buy online
Software Testing(Elective) S. Uma Maheswari 180.00 7th Buy online
E-commerce(Elective) Thomas Sacraties 140.00 7th Buy online
High Speed Network (Elective) Sudha Sridhar 160.00 8th Buy online
Software Project Management B. Chandramouli 160.00 7th & 8th Buy online
Distributed Systems S. Uma Maheswari 180.00 8th Buy online
Software Quality Assurance R. Manjula Devi 125.00 8th Buy online
Professional Ethics in Engineering B. Chitra 140.00 8th Buy online
EEFA Sasikala 125.00 7th Buy online
Information Security (Elective) Saranya 125.00 7th & 8th Buy online